New Office of The Gibbs Law Firm in Beaufort, South Carolina

We’ve been settled in to the new office space for a few months now. Just haven’t found the time to post. However, in the mist of the grind I just noticed that today marks two years and one day since I stepped out on faith and started The Gibbs Law Firm. It’s been a “get it from the mud” type journey. Not a single loan from the bank, just hard work and late nights, prayers, and the support from friends and family. Literally started with a laptop, endless tenacity and a 5 x 8 room in the back office of another lawyer’s firm — he was gracious enough to let me rent his back storage room and use as my office space. Started with no clients, nor any serious prospects; just a freshly stamped LLC certificate and the faith that if I worked hard and did a good job for one person, then they’d tell two etc etc… From working for one of South Carolina’s largest Insurance Defense Law Firms, to serving as Special Counsel and then being appointed as an Assistant US Attorney for the District of South Carolina, there’s no question. God had a plan. It’s a pleasure to serve my community and have a building that I used to walk by as a kid. Had no clue it would one day bear a sign that read “The Gibbs Law Firm.” Of course, this is no “mama I made it” speech. Lord knows that’s not the case. This is simply a thank you to my support base, friends and family. And of course, a special thanks to my loyal clients that sought me out even back when I merely had a laptop and conducted client intakes in a room the size of a broom closet. I’d imagine that even back then, you knew that it was not about the mahogany tables, marble floors and big building(s), but instead, among other things, it had all do do with the tenacity, honesty, and knowledge of the attorney working your case. This one is for you. I’ve always been a fighter. And it’s now my pleasure to fight for you. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾